This week the desktop space has officially entered the 28 nm era of GPUs thanks to the retail release of the Radeon HD 7970. This is an important milestone for the discrete graphics market and for AMD, but it is only the beginning as the Sunnyvalebased company is currently preparing for the arrival of the Radeon HD 7950 and is planning the introduction of the first 28 nm mobile chip.

While the HD 7950 will debut this quarter, 28 nm GPUs for notebooks will have to wait a little longer, until Q2. The upcoming mobile parts are of course based on the architecture of GCN and will bring support for DirectX 11.1, as well as the power, image quality and display output enhancements.

The 28 nm mobile card will (most) likely will be added to the
recently-introduced Radeon HD 7000m family which also includes several 40 nm-based cards (7600M, 7500M, 7400M, 7300M). Look for 28 nm models to be branded Radeon HD 7700M and higher.



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