Camera 3600 Application Installer For PC – Despite little experience problems when taking the picture the picture, at least you can still do with your computer using the drive, but to make the process of installing it note the following instructions :

Camera 3600 Application Installer For PC

Installer For PC

Install Camera 360 On Computer

Camera 360 for the computer can be installed using one of the android platform emulator Youwave or Bluestack. Follow these steps:
  • Install one of the android emulator (Youwave or Blustack) which can be found as well in Google play
  • Compatible for android 2.2 and later, and then show that either ICS Android Emulator Youwave or Bluestack and search the data file APK.
  • 360 camera install manually without having to use intermediaries Google Play
  • Open the Camera application 360 and ready for use.


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