This guide will be about how to flash official firmware for Any Samsung galaxy S4 or any Samsung galaxy device.
By this guide you can upgrade or downgrade the galaxy device to any firmwares by using Odin

Requirements :
1- Official firmware for the model number of your device
2- Odin3
3- Samsung Kies or Samsung mobile driver
4- USB cable
5- Charged galaxy device
6- Windows PC

Before starting :
1- Backup your important data first just in case of this process corrupt your data. [important in downgrading]
2- Download and install Samsung mobile driver (Skip this if you already have Samsung Kies)  (Link below)
3- Download a firmware file SamMobile or Samsung-updates then unzip it only one time
4- Download Odin3 then unzip it (Link below)
5- Disable the antivirus software
6- Close Samsung Kies and disconnect any device connected to USB ports on your computer

Flashing instructions :
1- Run “Odin3” as administrator
2- Click on PDA button and navigate to the *.tar or *.tar.md5 file that you extracted (this is for firmware which contains only one file *.tar or *.tar.md5)


 – If the Zip file contains more than one *.tar file then they will be labeled with PDA, Phone and CSC. Put them in the corresponding section of Odin
3 – Shut down your device and make sure your device is completely off
4 – Put your device into download mode by pressing and holding (Volume Down + Home + Power) buttons
5 – Press Volume up to continue

6 – Connect the device to your computer by USB cable and wait until you get a sign in Odin (ID:COM section) and “Added” in message box.
7 – Make sure re-partition is NOT SELECTED [Very important]

  8- Click Start and wait a few minutes until you see “PASS!”.


Notes :
~ Do not disconnect the cable or turn off the device while flashing
~ I am not responsible if something wrong happened to your device (use this AT YOUR OWN RISK)
~ Install Samsung Mobile Driver or Samsung Kies if you don’t see a sign in Odin (Step 6)
~ Close or End process Samsung Kies If you see in message box this error :

Can’t open the serial(COM) port.
All threads completed. (succeed 0 / failed 1) 

~ This process takes maximum 10 minutes
~ Flashing unofficial firmware will increase the flash counter
~ Flashing official firmware won’t increase the flash counter and won’t cancel the warranty of your device
~ If your device stuck in boot loop after downgrading, factory reset your device from recovery mode (Vol up+Home+Power)

Downloads :
Odin3_v3.04 HERE, v3.07 HERE, v3.09 HERE
Samsung Mobile Driver HERE
Latest Samsung Kies HERE


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