Rooting your Nexus 5 phone by CF-Auto-Root method is the quickest and easiest way for gaining full root permissions on the device.
CF-Auto-Root does not include a custom kernel, it will keep your nexus 5 as close to stock as possible with root access.

Requirements :

  • Google nexus 5
  • Extracted CF-Auto-Root file.
  • Installed Google USB driver.
  • Windows PC.

Steps :

  • Backup all data before starting rooting process, it will wipe all your data.
  • Turn off your nexus 5 and put it into fastboot mode (power + vol down) buttons.
  • Double click “root-windows.bat” for windows and press any key on your computer’s keyboard to continue.
  • Connect your device to PC via USB cable (wait until your PC detect it).
  • Press vol up to choose “unlock bootloader”, then power button to confirm.
  • Your nexus 5 will erase the data, then reboot into a screen which display a red Android logo.
  • Wait a few minutes until your device finish configuration.
  • You will see SuperSU app in your device app drawer

Done !

Notes :

  • This process will void your device’s warranty
  • CF-Auto-Root method will unlock bootloader, install SuperSU and binary, NO custom recovery.
  • Use it at your own risk
  • Credit goes to “chainfire” cf-auto-root developer, main thread.

How to install USB driver for Nexus phones …

– Download and unzip the downloaded driver file “”.

– Connect your nexus to PC

– Right click on my computer and choose “Manage”

– Click on “Device Manager” and you should see your device name, right click on it and choose “Update Driver Software…”

– Browse your computer for the extracted folder “usb_driver”.

Downloads :

  • CF-Auto-Root file for Nexus 5 HERE 
  • Google USB driver HERE


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