More users after updating their Verizon galaxy S3 SCH-I535 to the latest I535VZWCNC1 update, they lost the ability to root their phone by using SafeRoot method, which was completely safe, easy and it doesn’t trip KNOX nor binary counter.

I have found a way to root NC1 update by using “SafeRoot” again on the latest android 4.3 jelly bean like any other devices without unlocking bootloader.

Requirements :

  • I535_Root_Kernel file
  • I535_NC1_Kernel file
  • Odin3 any, version
  • Installed Samsung Kies or Samsung mobile USB driver
  • Saferoot tool file

Instructions :

  1. This process WON’T wipe your data, but backup your phone just in case this process corrupt your data. 
  2. Flash I535_ROOT_Kernel.tar.md5 file by odin3 in PDA or AP section.
  3. Make sure Re-Partition is NOT selected.
  4. Root your device using SafeRoot method by following this guide : [No Warranty Void] Safe Root Android 4.3 for Galaxy S3/S4 Note 2
  5. Make sure your phone is rooted by trying App which require root permission.
  6. Flash back NC1 kernel by Odin3.
Congratulation, your Verizon galaxy S3 SCH-I535 is rooted on the latest Android 4.3 jelly bean without tripping binary or KNOX counter.

This video was made for GT-I9300 but it’s exactly the same steps for SCH-I535


  • Download and install manually busybox if the tool is failed to install it.
  • Use this guide at your own risk.
  • Kernel files on this post are ONLY for Verizon galaxy S3 SCH-I535 and ONLY for Android 4.3 jelly bean NOT 4.4.2 KitKat
  • You will not be able to receive OTA update, but you can update your device at any time by Kies or Odin3. 
  • This process is tested by “Devon Onescu” and worked great “It worked like a charm!!! Thanx for helping me root my device again:)“.
  • To unroot your device –> Open SuperSU app / Settings / Full UnRoot then flash stock FW

Downloads :

  • Odin3 v3.04 HERE, v3.07 HERE, v3.09 HERE
  • Latest Samsung Mobile Driver HERE
  • Latest Samsung Kies HERE
  • Latest Samsung Kies 3 HERE
  • I535_ROOT_Kernel HERE
  • I535_NC1_Kernel  HERE
  • SafeRoot tool files  HERE credit “k1mu” his thread


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