Jio has many users and more are waiting to jump on the bandwagon. But,
not all users are happy with the speed offered by the network.

Prior to the launch of the Reliance Jio, the LYF smartphone
users and the early Jio users were enjoying good 4G speed ranging from
10 to 20 Mbps. However, with the commercial availability of the Reliance
Jio SIM cards from September 5, there is a heavy load on the servers.
This has reduced the download and upload speed of the network in many

Here, we have listed out some possible solutions to increase the
Reliance Jio speed for faster uploading and downloading. Take a look at
the solutions from here. If your download speed is between 150 kbps and
500 kbps, you can try these tricks to get good speed.

Changing APN Settings

can change the APN settings to increase the speed of your Reliance Jio
network. To do so, you need to go to settings and choose Mobile networks
option from there. Then, you must set preferred network type to LTE and
go back. Choose Access Point Names (APN) and scroll down to find the
APN protocol option. Over there, make it Ipv4/Ipv6. Then, select Bearer
option and choose LTE and save all the settings. That’s it.

For Rooted Phones

If you have a rooted Android phone,
download 3G/4G Speed Optimizer APK on your phone and select network
speed. There, you need to choose 12/28/7 – Max Speed (Low battery
efficiency) option. Then, click on Apply Tweak and restart your phone.

Using VPN without Rooting

Snap VPN app from the Play Store. On opening the app, you will see a
list of countries and you will get the signal strength next to each
country. Choose the country with good strength and connect to it. Once
the connection is established, check the speed by connecting to the

Use a Different Server Name

can go to the APN settings and scroll down to the server section. Over
there, type and save the settings. Then, you can
reconnect to the internet to check the speed.

Clear Cache

The Android system
uses a few files randomly and saves them for enhancing the performance
of your system and apps. These files are called cache files. Jio has the
ability to temporarily block users from downloading large contents due
to the cache files. So, removing cache files can increase the Jio 4G
speed a lot. Just go to Settings → Storage & USB → Under Internal
Storage, tap on Cached data and hit clear cached data and confirm it by
tapping on ‘ok’.


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