Give not too Significant Changes , iPhone 8 Not So Curved Screen Sharing – Apple is rumored to be indeed presents a design that is really new in order to celebrate the end of the 10th . In addition to the material glass wrap his entire body , iPhone 8 previously also had touted would provide with curved screen of / for some time ago is indeed being a trend .

The rumors were apparently flourished after the source of mention if Apple will switch from OLED to LCD technology on display. Just FYI, the OLED display itself is nowwidely used on Smartphonessmartphone premium because it is more lightweight and flexible to be made into a curved shape.
Although using an OLED display, Market, IHS analyst Wayne Lam has alleged if Apple is not going to make the iPhone screen 8 into a curved shape. This is because the curved screen itself is considered not significant changes in the functions of the latest generation iPhone. Though the curved screen had become the trend in 2016 but2017 is the start screen, is rarely used.
Lam predicts that Apple will wear an OLED display to offer viewings of high sensitivity and wide aspect ratio more like quality given the LG through the latest series G6 . The design features a wide-screen aspect ratio is indeed central to become a trend in the year 2017 so that Samsung ever predicted would carry this design through its newest device will be released in late March .
This also means if iPhone 8 is likely to present with a thin bezel design or more popularly called bezel-less design like that because it is indeed enough supporting for the use of an OLED display . OLED displays / displayed combines the pixels that are able to produce its own light , making it more efficient in power consumption . So even though it comes with a roomy screen , the battery will not be too extravagant.
Not only that, the range of colours is also wider so that enough eyes to a category of devices that have a large aspect ratio.
Even so, rumorsrumours have not been trusted 100 percent, either iPhone 8 that will wear a curved screen or the screen bezel-less. All of them will be proven when the iPhone 8 actually launched.


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