Jumpy Jumper by CREABLO – Android App Featured Review

Jumpy Jumper is another game by the CREABLO studio, following on the success of its predecessor, Wonder Wally.

Jumpy Jumper is a jump game, a game that makes the player become a master jumper.

Using black and white characters in an ever changing environment, the player must use the seemingly simple choices of jumping up or bouncing on the walls to advance and reach the top of the level.

The game is far from easy, requiring a quick eye AND a keen mind to plan ahead. During the game, the player also gets to collect puzzle pieces in order to unlock more characters and various types of prizes.

Experiencing this game may be akin to meditating, just letting the mind and thoughts drift while our fingers and eyes control the characters on their way up.

Simple but challenging, hypnotizing and calming, monochromatic characters in a colorful world, this is Jumpy Jumper.

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