The latest updates from the Google Keyboard now can be downloaded via the official Android APPstore . From a new update a few days ago that in doing this , Google introduced Google’s newest Keyboard facility .

In this new update adds Google Translate Facilities on the keyboard , the point is to directly translate what we write without needing to bother to bother opening your browser/app translated service to another .

This latest update from google can instantly translate text that we type with other languages directly from the keyboard . The facility is suitable for Android users in particular have contacts or relations .

Not only Keyboard with translate that that we can from th  latest Update , Google also equip it with Predictive Emoji .
Emoji Predictive facility serves to suggest the emoji what fits with the sentence we typed at the keyboard . In this latest update Google may also display the File referred to by animation or GIF . GIF in google aims to better express from what we write .

We don’t need to bother even looking for GIF images of google , because in this Keyboard also has supplied many Gifs Gifses that match . Google also added a background image that can be changed each time . So if you get bored with the look of your keyboard , you can just set them up . Therefore , if you do not use Google as the default Keyboard on Android , it’s time to use it . Because of to course these new features worth a try and use to communicate .


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