Who does not know the current Game DOTA , DOTA 2 is the current ruler of MOBA game , very popular until turnamennya could give away hundreds of billions of dollars each year . However surname also made DOTA 2 so by gemma on gamers .

Then what about people who want to look for other alternatives ? who want to avoid the enforce or at least seek additional game similar to DOTA 2 . The answer is the new game released by Epic Games , PARAGON .

Free Games With Amazing Graphics it has got potential Defeat DOTA 2

The fact it is indeed incredible graphics have a Paragon. Paragon is a game developedby Epice Games with the Unreal Engine 4. the main potential for this game is the graphics quality AAA games, really pamper the eyes of the players.

But if capital just graphics just feels difficult in reference. Because graphics certainlyoblige you AAA classmates got Offal with the same level. As a benchmark, the following Specifications to play games on PCs. Paragon

Specifications of YOUR PC to Play the Paragon

Spesifikasi PC untuk Mainkan Paragon

Spesifikasi Minimum Rekomended
Grapic Card GTX 460 GTX 660 Atau HD 7870
Prosesor Core i5 2.5 Ghz Core i5 2.8 Ghz
OS Windows 7/8/10 64-bit Windows 7/8/10 64-bit

We think the above Specifications have become the standard average gaming laptop at the moment. Laptop for multimedia as the author of any use (ASUS X550ze) could play this game in the set medium smoothly jaya. There is still another aspect that should be noticed in addition capable PC/Laptop, that Paragon of Gameplay itself.

Epic Games currently released Paragon in BETA status. There is still much that needs to be fixed in this game, including Gameplay Paragon. When we tried it, it’s still a lot of bugs that have not been fixed. But don’t worry, there’s still the fun of its own which can be felt when playing this game.

The Affairs of the Gameplay, is essentially the same as the Paragon gaming other MOBA. Players on split into two camps, where you need to be able to master the region opposed or destroy it.

Download Game Paragon

To download Paragon easy enough, just click the link below and then a page will open which you populate the data themselves. After that you should download the Client Epic Games then you can get paragon games.




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