Samsung and the iPhone has always fought both in the trial court for patent
issues, also fought in the gadget and smartphone market, but this does not
inspire fierce competition both to make products with cheaper price. If you do
not need fancy products, you can actually buy another brand with a high
specification, even with a high resolution camera, but you can get a smartphone
or gadget with affordable price.

Well, you might have other ideas so you still confused to choose the iPhone
or Samsung Galaxy S5. Both of these smartphones is a high-end product that
is reliable both companies to compete with each other, is also prepared to
fight with other products such as HTC, LG or Sony, of course in their
respective classes. In a unique competition between iPhone and the Samsung
Galaxy seems to represent a great competition between Android against iOS.

Samsung Galaxy S5, iPhone 5S vs Samsung Galaxy S5, OLED screen, retina, iOS, Android, Android vs iOS, Apple vs Samsung, new smartphone, HDR,
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Samsung Galaxy S5 is the successor to the incredibly successful Galaxy S4,
but if you look carefully, the design of the Galaxy S5 is not too significant,
which from the front it’s similar to the Galaxy S4 and Note 3, with the only
real change being the dimpled texture of the rear. However, the Samsung Galaxy
S5 has a 5.1-inch Super AMOLED 1920 x 1080 screen. 

Meanwhile, the iPhone 5S
only has a 4-inch screen with an 1136 x 640 pixel resolution. It is a Retina
though and is quite extraordinary in its brightness and sharpness. However,
the Samsung screen has more pixels per inch than the iPhone.
You surely remember how HTC has always insinuated Samsung because all the
fancy smartphone manufactured Samsung made ​​of plastic material, while HTC is
definitely a premium product made ​​of metal or aluminum. Apple should be proud
because the iPhone 5S is a solid device with an aluminum back and sides that
feels classy in comparison. Is the design and materials of a smartphone will
affect your choice?
Perhaps you would prefer technologies and features used on a gadget or
smartphone. It would be nice if Samsung does not sell the Samsung Galaxy S5 and
other fancy smartphone with a price too high, even though their products are
made of plastic material. Looks like HTC and Apple could sell their luxury
products are made ​​of aluminum at higher prices, for example HTC M8 or iPhone
5S. Do you also agree? However, you also need to look more carefully, because
the cost of production of the iPhone 5S is also not too high. Perhaps because
the big name Apple is a guarantee, so the fine products they sold at a higher

Samsung Galaxy S5, iPhone 5S vs Samsung Galaxy S5, OLED screen, retina, iOS, Android, Android vs iOS, Apple vs Samsung, new smartphone, HDR,
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Samsung may be proud because the Galaxy S5 is the first of Samsung’s
handsets to feature a fingerprint sensor for security. This technology is to
provide a convenience to you on the security aspect. We already know that this
technology is actually first introduced by Apple. 

You can wake the Samsung G S5
with the home button, then scan, the which is only one additional step, so the
Galaxy S5 is better than the HTC One Max which needs waking with a separate
button then swiping down the back. The Galaxy S5 is also waterproofed.
Galaxy S5 larger screen than the iPhone 5S, so this naturally makes it a
much better phone for watching videos on, especially as the Galaxy S5 screen is
fantastic. In a darkened room the iPhone 5S will not look as good as the Galaxy
S5 as you’ll be Able to see the glow of the backlight. The screen on the Galaxy
appear bright because the S5 uses OLED technology, because an OLED screen is
that it doesn’t use a normal backlight and is therefore able to produce much
deeper blacks, and much better contrast.


If we compare the speed of the processor used in both this sophisticated
smartphone, it is rather difficult to distinguish them with the naked eye.
Let’s see, the Apple device uses the company’s A7 chip with a 64-bit
architecture. The latter should technically be faster, while the Samsung Galaxy
S5 runs on a 2.5GHz quad-core Qualcomm Snapdragon processor 801. Samsung Galaxy
S5 also has 2GB of RAM. To compare the speed, please you buy both so that you
have enough time to measure their speed.

Samsung Galaxy S5, iPhone 5S vs Samsung Galaxy S5, OLED screen, retina, iOS, Android, Android vs iOS, Apple vs Samsung, new smartphone, HDR,
Samsung Galaxy S5 vs iPhone S5. Image:

The modern smartphones certainly have a camera, so users can take pictures
together with friends or family, and even can be used for street photography.
You can choose which photos you upload to social media networks. It is certain
today’s smartphones can also be used to make the video. Similarly, the iPhone
5S and Galaxy S5, you can create pictures easily. 

The Galaxy S5 has a 16
megapixelhas camera sensor, while the iPhone 5S’s only 8 megapixels. Both are
great for shooting in low light, and the iPhone 5 is faster in making images in
low light conditions. Galaxy S5 is equipped with optional stabilization, also
supported by an LED flash and added to the HDR feature, so you can make more
creative pictures. Both devices are suitable for selfie photos.
Whatever your reasons when determining the options before you decide to buy
an iPhone 5S or Samsung Galaxy S5, then you would have got the reference and specific
needs. Both this smartphones which always competing is an advanced handset and
can be used in a long time, although there will always be new products with
different features here and there, but in the end you will only use some of the
features on a regular basis. Do you agree? Unless you are a technology
enthusiast, then you definitely will strive to always do an update with the
latest gadgets.


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