Tips Decorations For Choosing Wedding – Core in these tips is to choose an attractive decoration for the photo. Well, the details are interesting decoration for the photo in our opinion are :

    Ilustration : Lighting Decorations
  • Must have sufficient lighting or lighting and dramatic look at every angle of the aisle or the building. Ask your vendor to lift any décor typical detail, and especially to be able to bring up a theme that fits your expectations. Lighting and light colors will be very influential when photographed. Choose decorations that are friends with your wedding photographer. If necessary and possible, was your wedding photographer arrange a meeting with a team of scenery or the relevant parties to discuss during preparation.

Ilustration : Custom Decorations
  • Choose decorations that fit the theme you are using. Customize your decor with the clothes and the type of makeup that will be used in the aisle. Our experience, wanted to combine two (2) theme, but sometimes less relevant translation. For example: the bride wears a traditional Javanese dress that is elegant and mystical, but instead a theme wedding background full of green leaves loose water, building walls covered with fabric colors. Did disconnected roughly? Can connect, but if it is a concept that you and the family want.

Ilustration : Build Decorations
  • Pay careful attention to detail-by-detail of your wedding and buildings. Are often overlooked, including; carpet installation is not neat, but can drop guests, you can fall for it. The carpet is not neat, will ruin the photo, it will look less neat. If the picture had to be edited, it will take a little effort and no longer. You do not want it, if you ask a wedding photographer extra time just because the pictures of the family ngedit simply because the carpet is not neat or the color of the carpet is the difference between one another? Lighting the reception is often forgotten; probably was so focus on the aisle, sometimes illuminating light reception, good fences, fence ayu, stage singer or a band, buffet tables, etc., are often forgotten. They are also worthy of a photo with the perfect right?

Ilustration : Neighboardhood Decorations
  • Chose decoration ‘friendly’ with clothes or any clothes! Keep in mind, your guests are free to wear what sajakan? Our guests can use batik, jackets, or anything they want. It should be remembered that the overall results can be fascinating and disconnected. Could you suggest a way to control the invited guests dressed or dressed the same and one theme, it looks like it will be difficult anyway?
Well, whatever expensive wedding decorations & building accessories you choose, if documented or photographed less unsightly sure you will regret it. If it is so, do not ever blame your photographer
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